Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Snow,Snow & more Snow!

 Well for once the weather man actually got the forecast right!And this is the view of our garden from the kitchen window a SNOW BLIZZARD!
Or at least that is what it has seemed like at times as it has snowed on and off all day.
 I reckon in the last few day's we've had between 4" and 5",and I have to say I think perhaps winter or at least the snow is becoming one of my favourite season's,I went for a walk this afternoon up to the main road and there's just something so clean and fresh about it and something quite naked too!
All the tree's bare without there leave's and the crisp clean white coating on everything and then the brilliant bright sunshine and a faint glimmer of a rainbow across the dark grey threatening and distant sky!
 And I just love the view across the flat starkly bare fen's of the telegraph wire's with bird's dotted on them and then I think DAM!I wish I'd brought my camera along for the walk so I could have shared the view with you all.Maybe tomorrow hay?

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the photo's would love to experience lot's of snow, we don't get it like that here in Taranaki. I know my kids would love it too! It looks like you will have a white Christmas.