Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Strawberry picking!

 Today seeing as the children are on half term hloidays we decided to take them strawberry picking plus I want to make some more jam before the very short season is over oh so quickly.Any how a lovely snap shot of Hamish stuffing his mouth full of strawberries and Alice bent over concentrating hard on picking more than she eats unlike Hamish,and we're lucky any strawberries came home at all!No sooner had we got in the truck then Hamish and Alice tucked into the punnets they were holding.
 I'm surprised Alice can see anything with her hair in her eye's!
 Picking was much better today,a little rain we had had yesterday had helped them along.And I only ate one or two which I have to say is pretty good going for me.Although I love strawberries I think I may be just about strawberried out as you probably are!As my last two or three posts have been all about strawberries!
 Just a little bit of prettiness from DH's oh soo beautiful garden,it really is blooming at the moment and just oh soo beautiful,I do love it so much!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strawberry jam!

 Just a little glimpse of the beautiful flowers in our garden already this year!
 And my lovely Hamish with his very cheeky monkey grin,what a little charmer.
 This afternoon I had an hour off and went strawberry picking without the family just me and the next door neighbour.Due to the unseasonly hot weather we've been having,I fear it will be a shorter strawberry picking season than normal so this evening I cracked straight on and made some jars of jam just a few.Alice said she can't wait to have homemade strawberry jam on toast for breakfast tomorrow.
 A few strawberries for all the family in front of the telly this evening and Alice has plans of her own for the bowl thats left.
Thats this bowl just here!Fruit smoothies made by Alice tomorrow,I shall up date you on how that goes tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hamish's 3rd birthday!

 Today my little man Hamish turned 3 years old.We kicked off the day by getting up around 6am.
 With frantic excitement and present un-wrapping,he got a lovely mixture of toy's and new clothes.

 Hamish sporting one of his new birthday shirt's.
 A quick photo of Alice and Hamish before Alice and mummy had to shoot off to school.
 Hamish is fireman sam crazy at the moment so DH made him this great fire engine cake.

Monday, 23 May 2011

A little strawberry picking

On saturday our local strawberry field in the next village opened for the start of the strawberry picking season.DH suggested we go after school on monday evening,but it forecast rain for this evening so with grey clouds looming we decided to see if we could beat the rain.We just managed to get back in the truck when the heavens opened.It was soo worth it after tea we had strawberries and ice cream. . . . .Mmmm!
The funniest thing of course was while Hamish and I were picking them  he decided to eat one or two,I turned round to see him spitting out the green bit on the top saying I don't like that bit,I then tried to explain to him that you don't eat the top leaf like piece.Aren't children just so funny!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A bit of a break!

 Gosh!I suddenly feel a bit rusty at this I've neglected my blog and all of my lovely reader's,I'm soo sorry for that.I do however have an excuse,I started a month or 2 ago working at Alice's school and I've either been too tired or just run completely out of time.Just not enough hour's in the day.I also volunteer now helping out after school on a monday afternoon at the after school textile club.Today Alice and Hamish with a little help from DH picked a couple of our earlier than usual roses from the garden.
 A little pamper treat for me I just couldn't resist this Cath Kidston rose manicure set and it really is devine I just love it!I'm totally hooked on Cath Kidston.
And lastly my handsome little man Hamish watching with great interest Dr Who with his daddy,he was completely engrossed when I took this.Strawberry picking season has just begun in the village down the road so weather permitting tomorrow after school I shall take Alice and Hamish strawberry picking and I plan to make some strawberry jam too.Mmm!I do hope to make something other than jam very soon to show you,I have lots of idea's.