Saturday, 29 May 2010

Another giveaway!

Pop over to for another giveaway Lyn is celebrating her 2 year blogaversary with a giveaway,entries closing date 6th of june.
Good luck!

May giveaway!

Pop over to jenny of elefantz for her may giveaway of fab fabrics and patterns,leave a comment on her blog for 1 entry or 3 entries  link back from your own blog to hers and spread the word and don't forget to mention me on her blog for a 4th entry.So what are you waiting for go on over entries close midnight on the 1st of june and the winner will be drawn on the 2nd of june.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


Hamish turned 2 yesterday,HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAMISH!
DH made him a birthday cake in the shape of a digger.He is soo clever.Hamish was woken yesterday morning bright and early by his sister because she was dying to help him open his presents.
And they even had a ride round the garden in Hamish's main toy his pick-up truck just like daddy's.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Friday night sew-in,saturday afternoon report

I didn't really get a great deal done I'm ashamed to say,what I decided to make was a last minute kind of thing.
I decided to make Alice a little handbag as on tuesday she is going on her first ever school trip to sutterton butterfly park and she's really excited un-fortunately I haven't quite finished it,but it's going to be and across the body little bag with a button fastening,it's big enough to carry her purse with her spending money in.
I shall post some more picture's when I have finished it.

A treat in the post!

This moring I tried to race DH to the letter box knowing that I was awaiting a large parcel of fabric that I had bought on ebay from someone who was clearing out there stash,no such luck he beat me to it and just tutted when he handed it!
There was quite a bit more than I was expecting,now I just need a new project.And here it is.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

2010 blogger's quilt festival

Hi all,
I decided to take part in amy's creative side blogger's quilt festival I have decided to enter DD's quilt this is my 2nd complete finished quilt EVER!
The story behind this is that 1st I made DS2 a quilt which took over 2years then I have a quilt I started some 7years ago which still isn't finished,but the end is in sight now.
So in the process of making Alice's quilt DH jokingly said in front of DD I might have it finished by the time she is 18,well I finished it last month DD was fast asleep in bed when I completed it so as a surprise I laid it on her bed to wake up to the next morning.
Well she was so excited when she woke up she came running down stairs jumped on me with the quilt and said "I love you mummy see I told you you'd finish it before I'm 18"Lol! Bearing in mind she's only 4years old.
What I learnt from making this quilt is to work out the quantities of fabric needed and plan,plan,plan!
As I now have enough fabric left for matching throw cushions.Lol!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Early morning wake-up call

I'm not sure who woke me this morning at 5.40am,whether it was Hamish or the handsome cock pheasant sat on our fence calling,but Hamish and I decided to rush downstairs and take a few picutres.
Hamish kept saying bird,bird.It made such a lovely photo and maybe a nice quilted wall hanging?Hmm got me thinking.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Yipee! It's finally here!

Yipee it's finally here!
The next friday night sew in has been annouced by heide at handmade by heide on friday the 21st of may 2010 I shall be curled up on the sofa with some sewing,just need to start planning what I fancy doing.I might make myself some flower corsage's like the one's on Caherine's sewing attic or a new handbag perhaps,I'm spoilt for choice really.
Maybe you'll join me?Check it out at the above link.