Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Some baking & a finish!!

 My lovely scrummy deliciously cute assistant Hamish,couldn't you just eat him all up?
 Our lovely bread that didn't even get time to go cold before it was attacked not much chance of any of it making it into the freezer for later in the week!
 And my beautiful bit of spring cheer the crochet spring wreath which may I confess was not my idea it came from lucy at attic24,the only difference is the flowers they are of my own design but the whole concept is Lucy's and isn't it just fab soo vibrant and cheerful.A little bit of spring cheer in the depths of winter!Oh yummy-licious I just love IT!!


  1. MMmm the smell of fresh bread, with a dollop of butter mmmmm.... Your kitchen assistant is so cute, love the grin!

  2. What a cute little baker you've got there. You have been productive, isn't bread so satisfying to make. Love your wreath! I have just been admiring Lucy's one Attic 24.

  3. What successes, the bread and the wreath look yummy - and yes, so does Hamish!