Thursday, 1 November 2012

Pumpkins & soup

 Halloween on our front doorstep,Alice and Hamish's designer pumpkins!
 This one is Alice's she drew the design on herself and then had a little help carving it.
 Hamish went for  a cool bat design.Lots of help required.
 A close up of Hamish's pumpkin.
 A close up of Alice's pumpkin.
 The insides which Alice and I turned into pumpkin soup . . . .Mmmm!
 Possibly the last of the flowers from our garden this year.
And a little snap shot of our very grey damp garden,but don't you just love those beautiful copper coloured leaves on that cherry tree ;-)

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hooky blanket Ta-Dah finally!

 This blanket has been a long time in the making but finally it's finished and I wanted to share it with you!
 I must say I feel a huge sense of achievement as this is my largest crochet projecct to date and probably my most daring in terms of colour.
 I've also been busy on a small scale crocheting these lovely roses for a future project if I ever get time in between my current studies.The pattern for these lovely little flowers can be found over at Lucy's blog Attic24.
 And I thought you might love this picture,Hamish did a sponsored welly walk at school on friday and this is him in my new wellies on friday morning.He had been really excited all week about doing the walk and I must say he did really well for someone who normally grumbles about walking the dog any distance ;-)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

A little update!

 A few things have happened recently,Hamish started big school in September and here he is on his first day with his big sister.
And a new arrival/addition to our cosy little family,this little ball of fur is called Gizmo and Gizzie for short and I can tell you I feel so stupid shouting Gizzie,Gizzie,Gizzie in a high pitch voice when she won't come.Lol!
And did you guess what it was I was making,this was part pictured in  a previous post.So you see not really alot to report here!And I'm saddened to say I won't have much time over the coming months for my little piece of blogland as I have under taken a new course of study,so let me apologise in advance for neglecting all my followers.But I will try to post a little something as often as life will allow ;-)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Floral prettiness

 Some of the beautiful flower's growing in our garden at the moment.The one above is a new one this year.
 We have quite a collection of dahlia's in the garden these are just one or two of them.
 Poor old Hamish having a haircut,he really does hate having it done so this time I did it much shorter in the hope it last's a little longer. . . . . . .Oh mummy you should've gone to spec-savers!
 And a little baking this delicious banana and ginger loaf. . . .Mmmm!I borrowed the recipe off my lovely neighbour,who also supplied some over ripe banana's.
And just a little crochet!But I realise looking back through my blog posts that I have forgotten to show you my lovely little Cath Kidston tapestry project now it's finished,plus a small quilting project and a little hooky hanging.Lot's in the pipe line and a few finishes ;-)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Learning to knit!

 This is just such a funny picture I wanted to share it with you!
 And some pretty flower's from our garden

Friday, 3 August 2012

Hooky happenings & a finish!

 First of all I'm thrilled to reveal my finished Cath Kidston tapestry jubilee cushion,feeling very satisfied and smug I must say . . . . .although the journey has not been an easy one.As I ran out of the cream colour wool and then my attempt at doing a piping cord edge failed miserably and of course I then mis-judged just how small the cushion turned out and had to make the inner pad two or three times.So it has been a steep learning curve and it will be sometime before I re-visit the piping cord edging again!
 Of course in between my first finish of the summer holidays I actually managed to make a small amount of spiced pickled runner bean chutney . . . . . .Mmmm!I just love this stuff very morish ;-)
 And my hooky happenings you ask?Well the above picture is this gorgeous and easy to make daisy granny square and you can get the pattern over on the blog bunny mummy.
 And second my almost complete stripy crochet blanket,my first ever and hopefully one of many crochet blankets,it just needs a crochet edging when I get time to pop to the wool shop.
And Hamish's little bit of foody creativity!Can you guess what it is???. . . . . . . .
If not it's a spider made from sausage,salami and black pudding ;-)

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Floral happiness!

 Lot's has been going on in our house in the last week,firstly another little Cath Kidston tapestry make can you guess what it's going to be when it's finished?
We broke up from school just a little over a week ago and this beautiful cake was a gift from a pupil,it was almost too good to eat!But I can assure you it really did taste as good as it looked . . . .Mmmm!And it was just soo pretty I wanted to share it with you.
And on Thursday it was our wedding anniversary and Alice wanted to pick me some flower's from our very pretty little garden.Now that the rain has finally stopped and the sun is out the garden look's just amazing in full bloom.I may have to share some picture's with you again this summer.More on my Cath Kidston union jack cushion later this week,it may even be a Ta-Dah moment.The theme for this week appear's to be a floral one!I'm wondering how you've all spent the first week of the holiday's?

Friday, 20 July 2012

Hamish's graduation 2012

 This is Hamish on his graduation day 19th July 2012.My little baby graduating from pre-school and heading off to big school!He got a certificate,a book and a jubilee coin.
Hamish recieving his certificate,I'm sooo proud of him.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

A little treat & some progress!

 I needed a new hook for the kids book bags as Hamish starts big school in September & I found this just adorable brightly coloured owl hook.I just love it!
 In between showers this weekend I've actually managed to get in the garden where the weeds are nearly 6ft high,I have to say I haven't finished it's an on going job.I did pick some of the lovely flowers we've got growing :-)
And despite the interruptions from Alice and Hamish about going for walks and bike rides,and the weeding and house hold chores i.e washing,dusting,hoovering,etc,etc . . . . . . . .You get the idea?I have actually managed to make quite impressive progress on my CK union jack cushion,even if I do say so myself (vbg).I have a list a mile long of WIP that I hope to finish when we break up for the summer holidays . . . . . .more on that to follow.
P.S I also have a little list of all the things I'd like to try making too,time permitting of course.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Hooky hanging owl Ta-dah! And a WIP!

 My hooky hanging owl Ta-Dah!I'm sooo proud of myself & it may not be perfect but I'm truly thrilled with it!The owl was actually a little purse pattern off another blog I follow,sadly I can't remember the name of the blog,but I decided I would rather like a hanging owl than a purse.I jus tlove owl's of the hooky or fabric kind!
And on to my current work in progress that I keep picking up and putting down,a Cath Kidston tapestry union jack cushion,that I thought I might have finished for the jubilee Ho-hum nevermind perhaps for the olympics this summer lol!I shall up-date you on that one as it progresses and perhaps I can come to terms with my cushion phobia or rather making them/finishing them and how to?Any advice greatly recieved on how to finish off my cushion.I may just get plenty done with the weather we're having in my little patch at the mo,rainy,wet and windy,and thinking of lighting the fire :-(

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ayyup TIGER!

 AYYUP TIGER!!Hamish's 4th birthday was a rather mixed bag because he actually had a viral infection on the day and was a very poorly boy.These photo's are from Sunday,2 weeks after his birthday when we went to a place called crazee bongo's!He just had to be a tiger on the day and what a great time they had.
 Alice! . . . . . .Just in case you can't guess is a Butterfly!
 Hamish looks rather serious here almost a little grumpy but I can assure you grumpy he was not.
 They had party food,face painting and a fantastic play area with ball pits,giant slides and lots of climbing they certainly worked up there appetite!
Hamish had a homemade chocolate cake followed by a visit and photo with crazee bongo the giant monkey himself.This week has been half term and to be honest I haven't done much in the way of sewing or crafting,I am really disappointed with myself . . . . . . .although I started to make a quilt top about a month ago,with the jelly roll I got a few years ago for my birthday.Hopefully I shall get round to posting some progress picture's on here very soon!And this summer I plan to make a list of all my WIP's to be completed as I've started to notice alot of starts and not alot of finish's :-( tut!tut!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

A little something for the weekend!

 Here's what I got up to last weekend,a little late posting I admit but the week has just run away with me.I had two make's of sorts the first pictured is the very tasty lemon drizzle cake . . . .Mmmm!It went down well with a nice cup of tea and even better in my pack-up at work this week ;-).
 It hardly had time to cool down before I tucked in for the first slice.I did manage however a little stitchy make not quite finished but that's for this weekend.I couldn't resist buying the new Cath Kidston book stitch and when I found it on amazon for the small sum of £6.39 I just couldn't say no!And let me say I was not one bit disappointed it was worth every penny.Some truly gorgeous design's that got my creative juice's flowing.
The book inspired me that much that I have had the urge to take up tapestry again,there are some really pretty cushion's in the book that I'm dying to make.I really would recommend this book to a friend it's packed full of inspirational vintage eye candy that will have you positively drooling!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Mini makes and a happy easter!

 I am today feeling rather smug and happy with myself as today has been quite a productive day for once,it may have had alot to do with the terrible wet weather we've had today.I've been busy experimenting with little tasty looking fabric cup cakes.Mmm!
 Some cute quilted CK purses for crochet hooks or whatever you fancy,I'm quite pleased with they way they've turned out.
 Another tasty little fabric cup cake,this time a little brooch for myself,I can't wait to wear it to work.
And lastly a little bit of Hamish style easter baking,he ate more eggs than went in the nest's and some nest's had five or six eggs squished deep inside them,Oooh what fun we had.I wonder if you've all had a good easter and one with lots of crafting?
Happy Easter ;-) xx