Tuesday, 30 August 2011

A little space to call my own!

 Finally I have been evicted from the kitchen table and after 4 long year's I have a place to call my own.My very own creative space for sewing and crafting.
 I'm soo excited I've got all sort's of great idea's of the thing's I want to make for my new creative space and in a flash of creative inspiration I have decided what I'm going to do with the jelly roll my mum bought for me 2 year's ago for my birthday,but more about that later.
 Now all I need to make my little corner complete is some shelving for my ever growing fabric stash and a lovely little CK set of mini storage drawers that I've seen on her website.
 And in between sorting out my little sewing corner I even managed to fit in some bread making,I recently started making a cheese top loaf on a regular basis even though the kid's don't like it.I love it and it mean's I get it all to myself!Very naughty I know . . . . . . but nice very,very nice ;-) Mmmm!
And Alice wanted me to show you this a banofee pie she made with just a little grown up help and delicious it was too!

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oooh how I love Cath Kidston!

 I just adore just about everything Cath Kidston and when I saw this sewing tin going for a fairly reasonable price I knew then and there whether I needed it or not I wanted it real bad and I just had to have it!
 And this morning I rather impatiently paced up and down for the second morning in a row waiting for the postman and I was thrilled I have to say when he handed me not one but two parcel's.
 And this is what was in the second one a rather lovely colourful owl pattern fabric for a project I have planned for Alice for christmas.More about that one later.
 And later by courier arrived these adorable matching mummy and daughter slipper's!
Well I couldn't see Hamish go without so I got him some hairy monster feet with claw's,the claw's being the important bit,he was really taken with the claw's infact it was the first thing he noticed.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Out for a stroll

 I spent this morning baking!Homemade chocolate chip cookies,flap jacks and bread.Once finished the kid's and I went for a little stroll and a picnic.I shall let the picture's do the talking.
 Alice and Hamish taking a little break!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Homegrown sunflowers!

A beautiful bunch of home grown sunflowers,picked fresh this morning by DH.Aren't they just stunning!I had to share them with you and also the exciting new's that Alice discovered last night that she has her first loose tooth and she has been wiggling it ever since hoping that it will drop out very soon!She just can't wait for the tooth fairy to come and make a deposit under her pillow not quite sure what she intend's to spend it on.But all she has done since she woke up this morning is go on and on about her tooth.When she first realised it was loose last night she gave a loud shreak of excitement that nearly made us fall off the sofa!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Fabric swap and a sneak peak!

 I decided to take part in Bluebell and Rosies FQ fabric swap and I was partnered with Louise over at
Sew scrumtious and these are the lovely little gift's she sent me along with the 2FQ's it arrived yesterday all beautifully wrapped and labelled I just adore the scrummy FQ's and the piece of fabric she sent for Hamish I already have plan's for so watch this space!And the absolutely darling purse for Alice.Thank you very much to bluebell and rosie for hosting the swap and to my very generous partner Louise.
And a little sneak a peak at my little bit of hooky this is the start of a very simple project that is causing a few disagreements in our house as DH doesn't like the colour's and Alice think's it should be for her room!And I thought I was playing it safe sticking with a few pastel tone's and not to many colour's.I suppose you can't please everyone!Lol!

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

At the seaside!

 A day out today visiting nana and grandad at the seaside.
 I shall let the picture's speak for themselves mainly,except for the odd one or two.

 We stopped for a little picnic near the boating lake.
 And then onto a windmill and a minature railway ride.
And round the garden centre where this fabulous stone statue of a lion stood.A fab day out was had by all!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Ta-Dah!It's finally finished!

 The moment has finally arrived I sat up til quite late last night to finish Hamish's quilt admittedly 2 day's late of the promised deadline of friday but never late than never!
 I must say I feel rather pleased with myself not only because it's finished but because I pushed myself to finish it within an almost set time limit.
 And I made myself a little something in the process from a small scrap of Cath Kidston oil cloth fabric and I must say I just love it!