Thursday, 19 April 2012

A little something for the weekend!

 Here's what I got up to last weekend,a little late posting I admit but the week has just run away with me.I had two make's of sorts the first pictured is the very tasty lemon drizzle cake . . . .Mmmm!It went down well with a nice cup of tea and even better in my pack-up at work this week ;-).
 It hardly had time to cool down before I tucked in for the first slice.I did manage however a little stitchy make not quite finished but that's for this weekend.I couldn't resist buying the new Cath Kidston book stitch and when I found it on amazon for the small sum of £6.39 I just couldn't say no!And let me say I was not one bit disappointed it was worth every penny.Some truly gorgeous design's that got my creative juice's flowing.
The book inspired me that much that I have had the urge to take up tapestry again,there are some really pretty cushion's in the book that I'm dying to make.I really would recommend this book to a friend it's packed full of inspirational vintage eye candy that will have you positively drooling!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Mini makes and a happy easter!

 I am today feeling rather smug and happy with myself as today has been quite a productive day for once,it may have had alot to do with the terrible wet weather we've had today.I've been busy experimenting with little tasty looking fabric cup cakes.Mmm!
 Some cute quilted CK purses for crochet hooks or whatever you fancy,I'm quite pleased with they way they've turned out.
 Another tasty little fabric cup cake,this time a little brooch for myself,I can't wait to wear it to work.
And lastly a little bit of Hamish style easter baking,he ate more eggs than went in the nest's and some nest's had five or six eggs squished deep inside them,Oooh what fun we had.I wonder if you've all had a good easter and one with lots of crafting?
Happy Easter ;-) xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

The tooth fairy cometh!

Alice has had a wobbly tooth for a week or two,finally on thursday when she had friends to play her tooth got knocked out by accident with some help from little brother Hamish,however the saga didn't end there as she took the tooth and put it under her pillow when she'd been told to leave it on the side til later.Unfortunately whilst playing the tooth was forgotten about and lost.Alice was beside herself that night asking "will the tooth fairy still come?".The next morning she woke up and found the tooth on her bedroom floor soo the tooth fairy finally turned up last night.Drama over . . . . . . Phew!!
And the little monkey himself with a rather cheeky little pose,today he has been helping plant potatoes,if that's what you can call it.No crafting here this week so far :-(.Watch this space.