Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teatime trip!

 After tea this evening DH thought it would be a really good idea to go for a walk round Bolingbroke castle.
Hamish absolutely loves it there and for someone who is only 3 he call's it his brilliant castle!
 Alice and Hamish love climbing the ruin's with all the little old steps and tower's.
 Hamish has got a very serious look on his face in this picture.
 Hamish wondering around one of the towers.
 One of the still in-tact window's.
 Dale walking around the ruin with his little brother and sister they found some baby frog's in one of the tower's.
 A bit more step climbing!
 And whilst visiting the castle the two ducks who live on the water there took an interest in the kids and decided to follow them.I think perhaps they were hoping for something to eat.
 The duck's were really funny they followed us all the way round on our visit.
 One of the outer wall's of the castle.
 And the comical companions coming to say good-bye!
They were just sooo funny and we promised we'd be back and next time with some bread and perhaps a little picnic.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

I'm late,late!FNSI

 I'm a little late in posting about what I got up to friday night for the sew-in,which wasn't very much really!I'm crocheting a jar cover for this little jam jar,for putting little flower's in from the kid's.
 A picture of my latest McCall's quilting magazine I had a little flick through this on friday evening and I've seen some lovely projects in it.Some very inspirational idea's.
I especially love this particular quilt it's just gorgeous and it set my mind racing or perhaps swimming with loads of great idea's for a quilt for my bed out of the lovely stash of Amy Butler fabric's that I have tucked away for just such a quilting project.

Friday, 17 June 2011

Temper tantrums!

 Why is it my son has over night turned into the devil himself,I swear if you look closely enough you can see a pair of horn's.He's changed from my sweet loving little boy into this little tantrum throwing monster who has claimed ownership of every object in the house.
 Can you not see the devilment in him,the cat is a nervous jibbering wreck,it's a good thing he's got 9 lives although I dare say around Hamish those are running low.I heard him giggling to himself the other day under the kitchen window,I thought how sweet I'll go and see what's tickled him so much . . . . . .what do you think I caught him doing??If you haven't guessed I'll tell you!Spraying the poor guinea-pigs with water that's what he was doing.No pet is safe around him.
 See caught on camera trying to annoy the poor cat again,I swear the cat has actually started growing grey hair's!
This is the face of a very cheeky monkey,don't be fooled he is no angel.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Friday night sew in!

Will you be joining the friday night sew in on friday the 17th of june?Pop over to crafty vegas mom to sign up for the friday night sew in and join Bobbi and Heidi and the rest of us for a bit of sewing,knitting or crochet! by Heidi