Thursday, 20 January 2011

A productive day!

 What a productive day we've had 1st of all Hamish and I kicked off the day with house work :( the boring stuff.Then we set about making bread here it is turned into tin's and left to prove.
 We made it a little browner than normal getting carried away with tidying away the toy's.And later we enjoyed it warm as bacon butties Mmmm!
 Then we decided to do something a little fun,Hamish had been nagging all morning to go out for a ride on his bike,so we went to the bottle bank with a few old jar's and then to the post box,as I blew my hoover up christmas day I got a new one as an early birthday present from DH,so I posted the guarantee today.And I must say I am really pleased with it.
 Hamish enjoying his bike ride and a little fresh air,it's been a bit grey and dreary today with a frost this morning and drizzle this afternoon.
 Hamish decided to claim my cycle helmet as his own and said it was his motorbike helmet!
And lastly I saw these lovely mini pom,pom's in tesco of all place's and just had to have them not sure what for yet,but I'll think of something.Alice was hoping to claim them for her craft box so I may have to get her a packet.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A new handbag for me!

 I have been meaning for sometime to make myself a big roomy handbag for carrying my crochet around with me,I bought an Amy Butler bag pattern last year.And last summer I cut out and started sewing a bag in very summery Amy Butler fabric but for some reason lost interest and popped it in a dark and forgotten corner somewhere.But then I decided that I needed to start another one of these bags in a darker fabric for the winter . . . . . . and here is the result of my labour.
 Now I feel quite thrilled with myself (large pat on the back!)me thinks.
It's such a great bag and I love it that much that you'll just have to watch this space for the summery one that I now feel motivated to finish . . . . . .tut!tut! shame on me I wish I had finished it sooo much sooner,I don't know why I'm so easily distracted?