Monday, 15 November 2010

Our weekend in brief

 This my/our weekend in brief!Friday afternoon Alice came home from school and decided she wanted to learn how to knit I tried to show her and then DH had a go at teaching her,it's the quietest we've ever known her!
 I did a little sewing on sunday afternoon which I can't show you as it's for my secret santa giveaway!Skip to sunday evening Alice and Hamish having a drink of milk before bedtime!
I hope you all had a good weekend and that you maybe managed a little more stitching than me?


  1. Oh, Georgie they are such cuties! Look at the determination in Alice's little face as she tries to knit!

  2. Aw look at them, love that look of concentration on Alice's face!

  3. Lovely family photos Georgie! They are cuties and some nice father/daughter bonding going on there.

  4. Concentration all round in that photo. How did the knitting go?

    Happy days.