Saturday, 20 November 2010

Am I too late for FNSI?

Am I too late to post for the friday night sew in?
Better late than never I guess!I had a rather productive evening.Sadly I cannot post picture's of everything as one of them is part  of a secret santa swap for bql,I promise I shall post some picture's after christmas of the swap,which I must say I am rather pleased with (smile!).I finished sewing together Hamish's woolley hat that I'm making him for christmas now all I need to do is make a pom pom for the top and then I shall post a picture of it,watch this space!
Then I made myself a note book cover out of yummy Cath Kidston scrap's it is un-finished but you get the idea and I can't wait to get it done!
I just love and adore her fabric's.Hmmm I might just have to treat myself to some more of those delicious fabric's now I've used up some of those scrap's.
And all of this couldn't have been achieved without a lovely slice of DH's yummy chocolate cake just to keep my strength up!Lol!


  1. Oh, those fabrics are really yummy! I finished knitting my sixth scarflette, now my family is ready for winter ;-) And I can try to crochet the flower with the help of your instructions, thanks!

  2. Those fabrics are just so cute you used on your notebook. Yes you can go and buy plenty more!!!
    p.s. that cake looks so yum.
    Happy days.