Friday, 3 December 2010

While it's snowing I'm sewing!

 Yesterday we decided to have tomatoe soup for lunch to warm ourselves up with all this snow we've been having!
 And whilst it's been snowing I've been busy sewing and a little crochet.I decided given that it's been really cold and I noticed a draught under the front door more than usual.I thought I'd make a draft excluder for the front door in a navy blue felted/woollen style fabric and then I thought thats a bit plain and boring I'll cheer it up a little with a few crochet flowers and button's and tah dah!Here it is.
And then out of a few of those yummy Cath Kidston scrap's I made myself this cute little make-up bag as mine is looking a little old and tired.


  1. Love the gorgeous make-up bag, sew cute! And your draught stopper looks perfect. And the tomatoes soup makes me feel hungry! Mmm hot soup in winter!

  2. Love the tomato smiles! And your little bag is so cute!

  3. Ha, ha love the draught excluder. I sat at my sewing table planning a design for mine and then thought, damn it we just need to exclude draughts, now! So mine is just plain red fabric but will (maybe) get some decoration in the summer, for now it's just doing the job!

  4. Love your little make-up bag, those fabrics are so pretty and a good way to use up the scraps.