Monday, 28 November 2011

Crochet christmas wreath finish!

 Ta-dah I have finished another WIP my crochet christmas wreath  with knitted holly leaves and berries,the berries are made from a sparkly red acrylic yarn that give's a little christmas sparkle shame the picutre doesn't show it so well.
And yesterday on an extremely grey and gloomy morning there was this beautiful rainbow.I had a little dig around too yesterday in my crafting corner and found all sorts of thing's I didn't realise I had plus an awful lot of WIP stuffed away in numerous corner's,which got me to thinking that perhap's I should have a pre-new year resolution to finish off some of these half started projects one of which is a small quilt.Plus whilst rummaging through my fabric and yarn stash I realised I have alot of thing's I'd like to have a go at making which include a patchwork picnic rug and a quilt for my bed,oooh and new cushion cover's for the living room.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Wah-hoo a finish!

Yippee a finish I finally have a finish to show you after months of nothing!This is a christmas present for Alice,I have made her this lovely girlie footmuff for her doll's pram knowing her it won't stay white for very long and I have already made a start on my next finish which I was going to let you have a sneak peak of and then decided against it.I thought it won't be long before my next project is complete so I shall make you wait for the grand reveal and lets just say it is also on the christmas theme.I shall leave you for now feeling quite pleased with myself vbg ;-)).

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Sorry it's been sooo long!

 It's been soo long since I last blogged!Life has been so hectic of late I really haven't had the time.So here is a little of what we've been up to!Alice had her halloween disco at the end of october DH was responsible for the face painting which I might add said on the box washable with warm soapy water and I can inform you it was not and Alice went round for 2 day's after with a green tinge to her face . . . . . .so tesco thank you very much for dying my little witch green.
 I was left to carve the pumpkin this year as the washing machine decided to stop working and eject all it's water all over the kitchen floor not once but 3 or 4 times,nevermind I now have a new toy lol!
 But not in time for this mess!Hamish started pre-school in september and on this particular occassion they played with flour and water what a mess!
 And autumn is well and truly here with the leaves dropping from the tree's and the day's a little chillier of late these are the last of DH's summer dahlia's.We've been lucky enough not to have to light the fire until quite recently as it's been quite mild for the time of year.
And a very small make one of my crochet brooch's for the school pfta fundraiser.I have got a few WIP which will very shortly be finished and I shall post very soon.I hope you are all well in which ever part of the world you are and thank you to my patient reader's for hanging in there. ;-)