Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summery things

 Some lovely hand picked flowers from the our garden.
 I love and adore sunflowers and this year we have plenty of them growing in our garden, a little bit of summer indoors.
 We've spent a few of the lovely hot summery days that we've been blessed with at the beach.
 And where would we be without indulging in a little strawberry picking and Hamish offered to help turn some of it into jam!
 Hamish loved mashing the strawberries and went just a little wild and started to get it all over the kitchen.
 My little cooking assistant offered to help bake some delicious onion bread. He really does love baking.
And I even managed to fit in a little sewing and crochet in between all the other things we've been busy doing. I just love the summer holidays, not having to rush round and get ready for school.