Saturday, 13 November 2010

Friday night sew in!

Will you be joining Bobbi and Heidi for November's friday night sew in?I will be I'm not quite sure what I will be stitching maybe Hamish's quilt or perhaps a little crochet handbag for Alice for christmas,she seem's to be handbag crazy at the moment and I must admit she now probably has more bags than me!Shocking I know,maybe I should be making myself another handbag to catch up with the 5 year old fashion addict!Lol!
So come on and join us and follow the link above.


  1. I won't be joining you this time, DH and I are going on holiday!!! Yay Me! I can't wait I will be taking some stitching with me of course;o)

  2. I'll be on holiday too and stitching on Friday but won't be able to post the results until I get back :)