Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Button swap!

Today Hamish made this fab giant pirate hat and eye patch at pre-school,it's just sooo funny I wanted to share it with you and of course below are the details of the button swap.I have signed up for a great little swap for button addicts like myself over at noodlebubble and I thought I'd spread the word in blogland to anyone with similar addiction issue's.The swap is for 50 buttons of any shape,size or style all you need to do is pop over to the noodle bubble blog using the above link and sign up,she will arrange your swap partner then all you need to do is sort out 50 buttons and send them to your partner and sit back and wait for your buttons to arrive.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Cheeky chappy!

 What a cheeky little chappy Hamish is,with the nerf gun he got for christmas.The cat and the bird are sadly not so keen on this particular present as they are quite frequently Hamish's preferred targets of choice.
 Nana got him a new hat and sunglasses ready for the warmer weather.Hamish insisted on taking it out of it's bag and wearing the hat at least,straight away.
 I just love owl's and had been wanting to make one for sometime and found a pattern for this cute little chap on a blog called mama G's crafty blog .As soon as I saw it on another blog I follow I knew I just had to make it.It is supposed to be a purse with a little strap but the first attempt turned out a little on the small side for Alice so I decided not to waste it and thought I could hang it on the wall.I really need to pull my finger out and   make something with which to hang him by and then find him a place to hang.
Oooh and some new pj's for me from MIL my rather late birthday pressie.Hamish thinks mummy's new sheep pyjama's are fab!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What a week!

 What a week it's been in our house so far!Firstly I took this lovely picture last saturday morning but didn't get the chance to post it on my blog as Hamish came down with chicken pox,he said "Mummy I've got chicken pops not chicken pox!".I just had to laugh at the way he said it
 So not mush sewing here then?One little owl purse that's it!The week went down hill from there on really.The next thing to happen was the cooker broke down,but I thought it's alright we've got the microwave we can manage til the new cooker comes,that decided to give up the ghost last night.They say it always happens in three's and their right it does,I bought a big box of wash powder from tesco today and when I got home the bottom fell out of it!Wash powder everywhere!
I shall end on a slightly lighter note with Hamish dressed up as a little red devil!He raided his sister's dressing up box,and believe me he really didn't mind dressing up not that his face say's that.I hope you've all had a good week.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow play!

 This is the seen of our back garden on friday morning,with a light..ish dusting of snow and a slightly foggy start to the day.
 And this is the view from the back bedroom over the fields at the back of our garden this morning sunday.
 Hamish was dying to get outside to play this morning!
 Chasing everyone with handfuls of snow,he actually ended up with a mouthful and wasn't too impressed.
 Alice was enjoying every moment of it too!She's been asking when it's going to snow for week's now.

 The kid's made a polar bear with a little help!
 Hamish wanted a whole family of bears.

We went for a little sledge ride up to the main road to see how clear it was.Now we're all in the warm with damp clothes drying on the radiator's.I think it's time for a hot chocolate.What's the weather been like for you this weekend?