Monday, 8 November 2010

Wet monday!

What a wet and windy grey start to the week greeted us this morning as I walked Alice to the school bus,I was only out in it for 20 minutes but by the time I got in from the wind I had ear ache!And this afternoon before going to meet her off the bus we dug around in the cupboard for woolly hats,scarves and gloves and my lovely winter coat that is like a big cuddly duvet.I don't buy into the looking good is more important than being warm business of not wrapping up!But just to spread a little end of summer,winter is truly on the it's way cheer here are some picture's of DH's very beautiful dalhia's from the end of the summer one of which I might add is still flowering in november,not for long I fear!
This last one being one of my favourite's!


  1. The dahlias are all sew beautiful and good on you not worrying about looks over being warm, if you rug up real good maybe no-one will ever recognize you!

  2. Your DH's dahlia's are beautiful and I can see why that last one is one of your favourites, it's a beauty. My father also loves is dahlia's and has always had them in his garden. They make great picking flowers too. Keep warm Georgie!!

  3. What lovely cheerful flowers. Keep warm!