Wednesday, 20 April 2011

It's back Wahooo!

 My creative mojo is back!Yippee!!
I decided yesterday after a few suggestion's to drag out a mini cross stitch kit that I've had for sometime.When I finished it I asked DH if he could make a tiny frame for it,but he declined and that's when I came up with the idea of putting it on a little cushion.Ta-dah!I'm feeling rather pleased with myself.
 Alice treated herself to some pretty beads with her pocket money from her grandad.
 Some of DH's lovely tulip's and what a wonderful sunny warm day we've had today and I've spent it in the garden sewing.
 DH's lovely arbor with his climbing roses looking lovely,lush and green  I can't wait for them to flower.
 And our beautiful pink cherry kansan tree that we bought last year,is in full blossom.
 And today the moment I've been waiting for!I treated myself to this really pretty cath kidston duvet set,I must say it was driving me mad waiting for the posty,dying to see if he was going to deliver it!No sooner had it arrived than I whipped it straight out of it's packaging through the wash and on to the line and I must say I really do love it!love it!love it!
And on to these funny coloured cake's that DH made last night with blue food colouring that came out green,Alice call's them snot cake's and I must say despite the colour they are delicious!Mmmm!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Creative mojo!

Sorry it's been a while,but . . . . . . . . I have just the worst bit of new's!It would appear I have lost my creative mojo,I'm going through the creative dolldrum's!Arrrrgh!!What am I going to do I just have no inspiration and no idea what to make??I've never ever had this problem before!!And I just don't know how to get it back?Soo I'm looking to all of you my creative and crafty friends for some inspiration . . . . . . .all suggestion's will be greatfully recieved.Sorry for the short post and lack of photograph's.I am just hoping that normal service will be resumed very soon ;-) xx

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mother's day gift and some sewing time!

 Yesterday Alice and Hamish decided to get stuck in in the allotment,helping plant potatoe's at least I think you could call it helping.
 Hamish look's to be stood dishing out the order's to his big sister and brother,he must be the foreman.
 Alice about to pop a potatoe into the ground.
 And now preparing to cover it with a little compost,this is her posing for the camera.
 And today mother's day I spent most of it sewing!Now remember that I told you I was making a leaving gift for Alice's teacher,who love's pink and yellow well it's finished and I must say I'm quite pleased.
I started by making a crazy patchwork hanging heart and used some machine embroidery to quilt it,then I thought what more useful than a note book with fabric cover and finally Alice was quite insistant that her teacher really needed a pencil case to which I replied "don't be silly all teacher's have a pencil case".But on enquiring with her teaching assistant she said Alice was quite right the teacher's pencil case was looking a little worse for wear.So that was me told by my 5 year old daughter.
And of course my mother's day gift chosen by Alice this beautiful little house plant in a stripey box and a fruit cake made by DH.Mmmm!