Saturday, 29 September 2012

A little update!

 A few things have happened recently,Hamish started big school in September and here he is on his first day with his big sister.
And a new arrival/addition to our cosy little family,this little ball of fur is called Gizmo and Gizzie for short and I can tell you I feel so stupid shouting Gizzie,Gizzie,Gizzie in a high pitch voice when she won't come.Lol!
And did you guess what it was I was making,this was part pictured in  a previous post.So you see not really alot to report here!And I'm saddened to say I won't have much time over the coming months for my little piece of blogland as I have under taken a new course of study,so let me apologise in advance for neglecting all my followers.But I will try to post a little something as often as life will allow ;-)