Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Floral prettiness

 Some of the beautiful flower's growing in our garden at the moment.The one above is a new one this year.
 We have quite a collection of dahlia's in the garden these are just one or two of them.
 Poor old Hamish having a haircut,he really does hate having it done so this time I did it much shorter in the hope it last's a little longer. . . . . . .Oh mummy you should've gone to spec-savers!
 And a little baking this delicious banana and ginger loaf. . . .Mmmm!I borrowed the recipe off my lovely neighbour,who also supplied some over ripe banana's.
And just a little crochet!But I realise looking back through my blog posts that I have forgotten to show you my lovely little Cath Kidston tapestry project now it's finished,plus a small quilting project and a little hooky hanging.Lot's in the pipe line and a few finishes ;-)

1 comment:

  1. The first flower is such a beautiful colour and shape! Seeing Hamish brings back memories when I used to cut my boys hair...:O) Looking forward to your next post.