Thursday, 19 April 2012

A little something for the weekend!

 Here's what I got up to last weekend,a little late posting I admit but the week has just run away with me.I had two make's of sorts the first pictured is the very tasty lemon drizzle cake . . . .Mmmm!It went down well with a nice cup of tea and even better in my pack-up at work this week ;-).
 It hardly had time to cool down before I tucked in for the first slice.I did manage however a little stitchy make not quite finished but that's for this weekend.I couldn't resist buying the new Cath Kidston book stitch and when I found it on amazon for the small sum of £6.39 I just couldn't say no!And let me say I was not one bit disappointed it was worth every penny.Some truly gorgeous design's that got my creative juice's flowing.
The book inspired me that much that I have had the urge to take up tapestry again,there are some really pretty cushion's in the book that I'm dying to make.I really would recommend this book to a friend it's packed full of inspirational vintage eye candy that will have you positively drooling!

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  1. Hi Georgie, your lemon loaf looks delicious, and I love your little stitchery so far, very cute.