Thursday, 7 June 2012

Ayyup TIGER!

 AYYUP TIGER!!Hamish's 4th birthday was a rather mixed bag because he actually had a viral infection on the day and was a very poorly boy.These photo's are from Sunday,2 weeks after his birthday when we went to a place called crazee bongo's!He just had to be a tiger on the day and what a great time they had.
 Alice! . . . . . .Just in case you can't guess is a Butterfly!
 Hamish looks rather serious here almost a little grumpy but I can assure you grumpy he was not.
 They had party food,face painting and a fantastic play area with ball pits,giant slides and lots of climbing they certainly worked up there appetite!
Hamish had a homemade chocolate cake followed by a visit and photo with crazee bongo the giant monkey himself.This week has been half term and to be honest I haven't done much in the way of sewing or crafting,I am really disappointed with myself . . . . . . .although I started to make a quilt top about a month ago,with the jelly roll I got a few years ago for my birthday.Hopefully I shall get round to posting some progress picture's on here very soon!And this summer I plan to make a list of all my WIP's to be completed as I've started to notice alot of starts and not alot of finish's :-( tut!tut!

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