Friday, 3 August 2012

Hooky happenings & a finish!

 First of all I'm thrilled to reveal my finished Cath Kidston tapestry jubilee cushion,feeling very satisfied and smug I must say . . . . .although the journey has not been an easy one.As I ran out of the cream colour wool and then my attempt at doing a piping cord edge failed miserably and of course I then mis-judged just how small the cushion turned out and had to make the inner pad two or three times.So it has been a steep learning curve and it will be sometime before I re-visit the piping cord edging again!
 Of course in between my first finish of the summer holidays I actually managed to make a small amount of spiced pickled runner bean chutney . . . . . .Mmmm!I just love this stuff very morish ;-)
 And my hooky happenings you ask?Well the above picture is this gorgeous and easy to make daisy granny square and you can get the pattern over on the blog bunny mummy.
 And second my almost complete stripy crochet blanket,my first ever and hopefully one of many crochet blankets,it just needs a crochet edging when I get time to pop to the wool shop.
And Hamish's little bit of foody creativity!Can you guess what it is???. . . . . . . .
If not it's a spider made from sausage,salami and black pudding ;-)


  1. You've certainly been busy, I love your cushion with or without the piping! I have never done piping either it looks but perhaps it might be easier to try it on something that might not be so thick? Your daisy squares are cute cute cute... and that spider too...:O)

  2. Just LOVE your cushion Georgie!! Well done, so pretty and patriotic at the same time. Might have to give those daisy square a go one day too so thanks for the link :-) A very creative home you have..

  3. You've been busy Georgie, well done. And well done to Hamish too, amazing sausage spider!