Friday, 30 December 2011

A finish! vbg

 I can proudly announce another finish to tick off my to do list and I must say it always gives me a rather large grin of smug self satisfaction that yes,yes after roughly 2 years in the UFO pile I have finally put my mind to it and with shear determination I and I alone have finished something . . . . . . .anyway enough of blowing my own trumpet I have to say it couldn't have been done without one of DH's delicious homemade mince pie's and a lovely cup of tea or perhaps it was several?All I know is new year will me a little less sewing and a little more exercise,as I have to admit I have gained a few extra christmas pounds and sadly no I'm not talking money.
Mmm lovely sweet mince pie with orange flavoured pastry . . . . . . . .I might just have to have one now?


  1. Well done Georgie it looks great... what are you going to make with it? The pie looks delicious mmmm orange flavoured pastry I will have to try this one day!

  2. Congratulations Georgie on your finish! Doesn't it feel good! I love the little wonky houses and the look of your DH's pies...mmmmm

  3. I love the cross stitch - I've been wanting to try some cross stitch/needlepoint, maybe this will inspire me.