Monday, 19 December 2011

It's starting to look alot like christmas + some progress!

 Well the kid's broke up from school on friday.And on friday Hamish had his christmas party where he played   party games like pass the parcel,and the above stocking was part of a kit he won.When he came home he said excitedly "I can knit like you now mummy".So today with a little help from me . . . .mainly the stitching actually,we made this stocking together.
 Yesterday I reluctantly trimmed the house and tree with decoration's,I had been putting it off because last year I put it all up far too early and by the time we got to christmas day I was fed up with it all plus the fact that when it came to taking it all down it was very dusty from our solid fuel stove.
 Also the front room is a little on the small side and it mean's re-arranging furniture to make the tree fit,but I can't bear the thought of parting with the tree I just love it!I don't want to replace it with some weedy looking slimline thing!
 Stocking's up in preparation for santa Hamish is just sooo excited and perhap's ever so slightly confused.And despite all my moaning I too can't wait for christmas morning to see his and Alice's face.
 And I've actually managed to get a little crafting done too!In my last week at work I knocked up this little christmas brooch for a colleague.
 And I'm starting my new year's resolution's early by finishing some UFO's,starting with this Michael Powell cross stitch that has been lying around for the last 3 or 4 year's.And in the last 2 day's I must say I am well over half way to finishing!To say that when I picked it up on saturday the white house only had a bit of roof and the top window's done (vbg).
Hopefully I shall have this finished before christmas but I won't make any promises as life often get's in the way of the best made plan's.Not sure what I shall get on with next I have a jelly roll to use and a half started small lap quilt.Oooh and I almost forgot the crochet blanket that has been on going since the summer,which I might add you can see if you check back through my old post's.

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  1. It's so exciting... it's nearly here only two sleeps to go!
    I too am finishing off a UFO... but I have started a new quilt as well, hopeless aye!
    Have a wonderful Christmas