Friday, 2 December 2011

Another finish!

 I'm on fire at the moment a couple more finishes this week,I can hardly believe it (vbg).I just love these coatser's they are Renee Macintosh design,sadly I won't be keeping them as they are part of a secret santa gift along with the pot holder below.Also another finish for me this week.What to do with myself now?Start something new or look for something else to finish???Believe you me there's plenty of UFO's floating about in my numerous craft corner's and soo many thing's I'd love to be starting too!
Ooooh I'm so excited about the thought of christmas and just yesterday morning Hamish woke me at around 6am and asked me if santa had been and if it had been snowing?Today he asked me "Mummy when is it going to snow?"Sooo many questions from someone so small.And often the questions he ask's I cannot possibly answer or the answer would be far too complicated for him to understand like "Mummy how is metal made?".He is such a little non-stop chatter box at the moment.

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  1. It seems to be that time of year... I too have been finishing off some UFO's :O) I think it must be because if I can tick some things off my list I wont feel so overwhelmed in the New Year and I will be free to start new projects :O)Although that hasn't stopped me starting new projects this week!
    I wish my boys were back to just asking questions... now they like to hassle me(all good naturedly of course)I did something silly the other day and they think it was hiliarious they just wont let it go... and I seem to be doing a lot of silly things lately :OS They think they are all comedians!Soooo is it snowing????
    Have a lovely weekend :O)