Sunday, 8 January 2012

1st finish for 2012!

My first finish for 2012!And I am really pleased with the result's,for sometime now I've been threatening to make a purse for my crochet hooks to go in,as it get's a little tiring when I keep misplacing them!As a matter of fact due to the fact that I have mislaid them on more than one occasion I have been out and bought duplicates of the sizes that I use the most.
 I made this little purse from my most favourite thing's!
So if you don't already recognise the fabric it's Cath Kidston and I have a bit of a thing about yo-yo's,button embellishments and ric-rac.


  1. Good for you Georgie... such pretty fabrics I wondered if they were Cath Kidston...

  2. Well done Georgie, it's great. Did you use a yo-yo maker?