Monday, 12 December 2011

A christmas miracle

I wanted to share with you just the best news in the world.My little boy Hamish was born with a hole in his heart and various other problems,today he went for a heart scan to see if the hole had gone?And the answer was a wonderful YES,YES,YES!
This trip to the hospital wasn't of course without trantrum's and flat refusal once we had arrived in the car park not only to not get out of the car but to once prized from the car he then refused to walk and plonked himself down on the ground and screamed as if being murdered!In the end there was nothing for it I picked him up and carried him.He then sat in the waiting room for over an hour as the clinic was running let and whinged I want to go home,but thank's to a very nice and patient visiting dental nurse she eventually managed to coax him out of his shell and actually managed to get a smile out of him.He reluctantly had his scan and was given the all clear YIPPEE!!
Just the best christmas present ever! ;-) 


  1. Oh that's fantastic news Georgie! Did it make up for his public tantrum?

  2. I am smiling for you! That is great news... makes the tantrum worthwhile :O)

  3. That is wonderful news Georgie, well done to Hamish's heart.