Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Strawberry picking!

 Today seeing as the children are on half term hloidays we decided to take them strawberry picking plus I want to make some more jam before the very short season is over oh so quickly.Any how a lovely snap shot of Hamish stuffing his mouth full of strawberries and Alice bent over concentrating hard on picking more than she eats unlike Hamish,and we're lucky any strawberries came home at all!No sooner had we got in the truck then Hamish and Alice tucked into the punnets they were holding.
 I'm surprised Alice can see anything with her hair in her eye's!
 Picking was much better today,a little rain we had had yesterday had helped them along.And I only ate one or two which I have to say is pretty good going for me.Although I love strawberries I think I may be just about strawberried out as you probably are!As my last two or three posts have been all about strawberries!
 Just a little bit of prettiness from DH's oh soo beautiful garden,it really is blooming at the moment and just oh soo beautiful,I do love it so much!

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