Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strawberry jam!

 Just a little glimpse of the beautiful flowers in our garden already this year!
 And my lovely Hamish with his very cheeky monkey grin,what a little charmer.
 This afternoon I had an hour off and went strawberry picking without the family just me and the next door neighbour.Due to the unseasonly hot weather we've been having,I fear it will be a shorter strawberry picking season than normal so this evening I cracked straight on and made some jars of jam just a few.Alice said she can't wait to have homemade strawberry jam on toast for breakfast tomorrow.
 A few strawberries for all the family in front of the telly this evening and Alice has plans of her own for the bowl thats left.
Thats this bowl just here!Fruit smoothies made by Alice tomorrow,I shall up date you on how that goes tomorrow.

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  1. Yummy! Strawberry season never lasts long enough IMHO!