Sunday, 22 May 2011

A bit of a break!

 Gosh!I suddenly feel a bit rusty at this I've neglected my blog and all of my lovely reader's,I'm soo sorry for that.I do however have an excuse,I started a month or 2 ago working at Alice's school and I've either been too tired or just run completely out of time.Just not enough hour's in the day.I also volunteer now helping out after school on a monday afternoon at the after school textile club.Today Alice and Hamish with a little help from DH picked a couple of our earlier than usual roses from the garden.
 A little pamper treat for me I just couldn't resist this Cath Kidston rose manicure set and it really is devine I just love it!I'm totally hooked on Cath Kidston.
And lastly my handsome little man Hamish watching with great interest Dr Who with his daddy,he was completely engrossed when I took this.Strawberry picking season has just begun in the village down the road so weather permitting tomorrow after school I shall take Alice and Hamish strawberry picking and I plan to make some strawberry jam too.Mmm!I do hope to make something other than jam very soon to show you,I have lots of idea's.

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  1. Welcome back! Life can get really busy and working at school is very tiring-I did it for 18 months with a special needs child and it wasn't till I stopped that I realised how tiring it was!
    Good luck, Michelle