Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hamish's 3rd birthday!

 Today my little man Hamish turned 3 years old.We kicked off the day by getting up around 6am.
 With frantic excitement and present un-wrapping,he got a lovely mixture of toy's and new clothes.

 Hamish sporting one of his new birthday shirt's.
 A quick photo of Alice and Hamish before Alice and mummy had to shoot off to school.
 Hamish is fireman sam crazy at the moment so DH made him this great fire engine cake.


  1. Happy Birthday Hamish!!! Hope you had a great day!
    That cake is very impressive, love it!

  2. Happy Birthday, Little Man! He does look handsome in his new shirt. You have such beautiful children.

    Great cake!

  3. Hi Georgie!
    Happy Birthday to your Hamish!
    My Hamish was 17 last week - and he wasn't up at 6 am!!!
    All the best
    Gill xx