Sunday, 29 January 2012


 Today I celebrated my birthday with a little hooky!Yesterday I finished my most recent project pictured below,a grey sparkly snood.I pinned it out on the floor yesterday to shape it and then I was left feeling just a little at a loss as to what to do next so I hooked up the above jar jacket last night and finished it today.
 I'm feeling rather smug with myself for having completed two hooky projects in just one weekend.Oooh what to do next?Perhaps some granny bunting in red,white and blue for the queens jubilee?Or a cushion in a similar design to the above jar jacket,as I'm really liking the style.Soo many idea's and not enough time to create.
 One of my birthday presents this cute little owl cushion,I've been wanting one for quite a while!
 And some lovely plant's from the kid's and a very nice dish to stand them in.
 A little colour added to the kitchen window sill . . . . . . .spring is on it's way,the morning's are starting to get much lighter and the sun even showed for a short while this afternoon.
 Alice's homemade wrapping paper,she drew all the thing's that I apparently like!
 And last weekend Alice did some paper crafting with her brother Hamish,the results were really lovely so I decided to display them on the living room door.
 I really love all the sparkle,Hamish's didn't turn out quite so well as he went a little mad with the pva glue and  not quite so mad with the glitter which isn't like him at all!


  1. Wow lot's of lovely projects... I think it is sweet how you have decorated with the kids artwork and I'm sure it means a lot to them too:O)

  2. Happy birthday, belatedly. Great projects.