Sunday, 15 January 2012

A cosy night in!

 I've spent a nice quiet weekend in trying to get on with this crochet blanket that I started last summer,I have to say this is my first ever large crochet blanket.My very first crochet blanket was for Alice's doll's.Progress is slow I keep picking it up and putting it down in between smaller projects,and now I've taken to doing a few stripes every night.The problem is I'm just not sure how big to make it!
 All this hooky by candle-light,cosy by the stove.It's been quite cold here this weekend,the last two morning's have been frosty and white over.
And I treated myself to a little winter cheer,these lovely tulip's . . . . . . . .oh and some wool which is already a hooky work in progress,a lovely light grey wool with sequin's soft and stroke-able.You'll have to wait and hopefully it won't be too long and I can show you ;-).

1 comment:

  1. Your crochet blanket looks so cozy... and the colours are so pretty.
    Our summer isn't much better it isn't cold, but it isn't hot either... we have had soooo much rain and the wind has played havoc with the garden!
    Looking forward to seeing your new WIP...