Sunday, 5 February 2012

Snow play!

 This is the seen of our back garden on friday morning,with a light..ish dusting of snow and a slightly foggy start to the day.
 And this is the view from the back bedroom over the fields at the back of our garden this morning sunday.
 Hamish was dying to get outside to play this morning!
 Chasing everyone with handfuls of snow,he actually ended up with a mouthful and wasn't too impressed.
 Alice was enjoying every moment of it too!She's been asking when it's going to snow for week's now.

 The kid's made a polar bear with a little help!
 Hamish wanted a whole family of bears.

We went for a little sledge ride up to the main road to see how clear it was.Now we're all in the warm with damp clothes drying on the radiator's.I think it's time for a hot chocolate.What's the weather been like for you this weekend?


  1. Glad to see your two were enjoying the snow! We only had a tiny amount - perhaps half an inch! but very foggy this morning!

  2. Wow you all had a great time and I adore the polar bear. I did some snow dyeing, great fun.