Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spring cheer!

 I decided yesterday to treat myself to these lovely dafodil's at just 99p a bunch what a bargain bit of spring cheer to brighten and fragrance my kitchen.
 The dafodil's are starting to bud up the road on the grass verge,we pass them every morning on our walk to the school bus.
 And a little of what is a work in progress!Very slow progress in fact!
I am a huge fan of Cath Kidston fabric's and this is what I have been slowly,oh so slowly doing patchwork hexagon's to make a throw or a cushion perhap's for the sofa?Not really sure I haven't quite got that far yet.


  1. I miss the daffs. Every spring since we left England, I miss them.

  2. I love those first daffodils of spring!
    Cant wait to see what those hexies become, they look so cute just sitting there!