Friday, 18 March 2011

Red nose day ana some gorgeous tea-towels!

 Today was red nose day and non-uniform day for Alice!
 Here's some lovely photo's of my Alice and Hamish with there monster red noses on.
 Don't they just look sooo cute and funny.Hamish's cheesy grin is just great!
And today whilst out rumaging in the charity shop's I found these gorgeous fabric tea-towel's,a snip at £2.49 for 3 lovely tea-towel's that are just too pretty to use.I shall sit and admire them for a while first.And yesterday was a girly pamper day as a good friend of mine came round to do hair and eyebrows for me and 2 friends we had coffee and lots of chocolate cake and dundee cake cooked by DH,and plenty of chatting and laughing we had a great day and decided to do a girly shopping day very soon.


  1. Aw... love the red noses and grins! Did Mum have one too?
    I agree those teatowels look almost too pretty to use!

  2. LOL! Thank you so much for posting these photos. I've giggled for the last 5 minutes. They look so cute and funny! What a blessed woman you are!

  3. What great photos ! Yes those teatowels should be no where near dishes !