Tuesday, 8 February 2011

A little treat for me!

 I went into town yesterday and saw these beautiful tulip's and just couldn't resist!With the feeling that spring is just around the corner Hmmm what colour tulip's shall I have?In the end I plumped for these pretty pink one's.
 I sat them on the beautiful table runner I recieved from Michelle in NZ a fellow blogger,sorry Michelle it has been christened by Alice and Hamish with a little felt pen stain you might just spot it!
 And then I bought these lovely fruity tea-lights.I love my tea-lights they make the room really cosy.
And this afternoon I went into Alice's school to help out with the once a week craft group that she attend's,we had a great time making tissue paper mosaic style picture's and paper mache head's.When she bring's her little crafty makes home next tuesday I shall post them on here for you to see.

1 comment:

  1. Not to worry about the runner, I'm thrilled to see it is being used! And the tulips are beautiful!
    I bought some lovely blueberry tea lights from a new shop in town this week and they smell divine.
    I think a nice candlelit soak in the tub might be in order tonight!