Friday, 11 February 2011

Alice's Ta-Dah!

Alice's 1st craft club make!As promised I am posting Alice's first ever after school craft club make,isn't it absolutely great I just love the bright colour's!And would you believe that I was supposed to be going out tonight and my little 5 year old fashion-nista adviced me on  my wardrobe for this evening "mummy why don't you wear your black leggings,brown boot's and that new top the long purple one!".Which was exactly what I was thinking my mini GokWan.Is this a mini Cath Kidston or Amy Butler in the making??Hmmm I sure hope so!


  1. Ooh I love butterflies and this one is just gorgeous! What!? no photo of yourself all dressed up to share with us!;o)

  2. What a little artist Alice is becoming!

  3. Must get her creativity gene from her Mother! Love it when they tell you what to wear. Priceless!