Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Growing up!

 My,my how time fly's?Hamish recently started pre-school and next year he will be at school full-time,my baby is growing up too fast!Here he is already for his first day.
 And this is Hamish all covered in flour and water from a morning at pre-school and oh-boy did he have a good time I can you tell?
 And very recently my little girl celebrated her 6th birthday,she got a couple of craft tub's among other thing's and decided she wanted to try her hand at a little sewing,with a little help from mummy she made this little felt purse which she has since decorated with glitter so I shall have to up-date the photo for you all to see!
And she insisted this year on a bright pink cake!Not much crafting from my neck of the wood's for sometime I'm ashamed to admit . . . . .  . . .or shall I say plenty of WIP but no finish's to show you as yet,progress is very slow and there just doesn't seem to be enough hour's in the day.I'm sure most of you will know what I mean,sometime's when I do find a little time for myself I'm just too tired to do anything.And now I'm thinking about christmas and gift making and that it isn't really that far away,there's a place not far from us that sell's free range turkey's and they have a sign out on the road side counting down the day's to christmas I went past about a week ago and to my horror it read only 85 day's to go!I thought to myself surely that can't be right,can it??

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  1. I was thinking about you this morning! All good things I promise. They grow up to fast don't they? Enjoy them while you can.
    I really don't want to know when Christmas is I am in denial;oS