Thursday, 25 August 2011

Oooh how I love Cath Kidston!

 I just adore just about everything Cath Kidston and when I saw this sewing tin going for a fairly reasonable price I knew then and there whether I needed it or not I wanted it real bad and I just had to have it!
 And this morning I rather impatiently paced up and down for the second morning in a row waiting for the postman and I was thrilled I have to say when he handed me not one but two parcel's.
 And this is what was in the second one a rather lovely colourful owl pattern fabric for a project I have planned for Alice for christmas.More about that one later.
 And later by courier arrived these adorable matching mummy and daughter slipper's!
Well I couldn't see Hamish go without so I got him some hairy monster feet with claw's,the claw's being the important bit,he was really taken with the claw's infact it was the first thing he noticed.


  1. Cute and yes, those slippers made me smile!

  2. Oh yes I wouldn't be able to resist that tin either! Cute slippers too.