Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Goodies in the post!

Look at the delicious fabric goodies that came in the post today all the way from america,I've been stalking the poor postman all week!I haven't waited at all patiently.And I can say I was really delighted this morning when this bundle of lovely fabrics landed on my door mat and looked as good in the flesh as they did online!
And look how beautifully wrapped they are with a lovely sweet stripe fabric bow almost good enough to eat!And too pretty to open!
And tomorrow when I have a little more time I shall annouce my next craft book giveaway,I'm a little behind this week!


  1. What a lovely wrapped fabric parcel. What are your plans for it and where did you order from?

  2. Oh I doubt I would've been very patient either, what yumminess! I wonder what you will make with these...

  3. Oh that looks lovely, no wonder you were stalking the postie.
    Happy days.