Sunday, 10 October 2010

A glorious day!

What a glorius day we've had today on the Lincolnshire fen's,quite warm and sunny for the time of year maybe the last snatch of summer before the weather turns bitterly cold and we have to drag out the winter woolies!
I feel quite up-beat today,perhaps because of the nice weather or perhaps because I feel like I've been quite productive I've managed to make a start on some crochet squares for a throw and I've been crocheting flowers no picture's as yet but watch this space!
So I'll put some picture's of DH's beautiful dahlia's on here before they die off for the winter.Maybe the other reason for my mood is that DH got up this morning for the 3rd time this week with his baking head on and made a really tasty victoria sponge cake,very nice with a cup of tea!Mmm!
And I thought I'd show you a picture of that lovely cake just to tease you a little!So all in all I've had a good weekend,how was your's?


  1. You're so lucky to have a hubby that likes to bake! What a treat! Is that the salmon coloured dahlia you were talking about??

  2. Like the new look to your blog it's such a pretty colour! That sponge looks so delicious, MMMmmmmm.

  3. Wow, M's on a roll with the baking!