Tuesday, 3 August 2010

One thing One week challenge

So here goes my 7 year quilt the quilt that has given me soo much trouble and disheartened me greatly to the point that I no longer loved it and thought it should be hidden away in some dark cupboard somewhere and never see the light of day,infact I could have gone so far as to say it should be entered in an ugly quilt competition.The more experienced quilter is probably looking at it right now sniggering quietly to themselves wondering how such a basic layout could cause so much trouble?Ask away I can't really tell you but it has.
Yesterday however it was finally finshed quilt label and all made on my trusty janome 4800 and today I washed it hung it out on the line and felt a sense of smug self satisfaction that that quilt didn't beat me and infact I love it very much.
My Ugly Duckling has turned into a beautiful Swan!


  1. Good for you! Such a good feeling of satisfaction finishing something like this. Very cute cat fabric!

  2. Well done you - and you're not a newbie quilter at all are you? VBG