Friday, 30 July 2010

The one thing one week challenge Disaster!!

I have nothing completed for the first week of the one thing one week challenge I spent tuesday at the Dr's with my 4 year old daughter Alice,she's been hot grumpy,irratable complaining of tummy ache,a head ache and feeling sick,the Dr looked for every possible explanation and found nothing wrong is he said she must just be under the weather.
And don't I know I can only say she has been very demanding and grouchy.And that is my reason for lack of production this week,Hopefully the weekend will bring about some sewing time and Alice's recovery.
For now I shall just post a picutre of my 3 darlings from last week.


  1. Sorry to hear that, hope Alice is soon feeling better and you've got time (and energy) to sew. See you at Helen's on Wednesday?

  2. Hope wee Alice feels better soon. A bit of a mystery bug then. Your little boy looks very cool in his sunglasses!