Monday, 26 April 2010

If in doubt lay it out!

This is my next project I pain stakingly laid it out last night to see how it would look I have to say even though it's just at the laid ou stage I quite like it,this is hopefully going to be for my bed if I've got enough blocks to make it big enough or the other option had been to lay it out as a nine block quilt but some how it just didn't seem to look right the colours didn't work as well in a nine block.
Maybe that can be my next project after this one???
All opnions are greatly appreciated and yes the white will be part of the quilt,they'll be white in the centre and around the outside to make the blocks go further.


  1. Your quilt looks stunning, I think it's going to be gorgeous once it's all sewn together and the white really helps to set it off.

  2. I think you right to add the white, makes the lovely soft colours pop out more.