Friday, 5 March 2010

OOPS! IT'S BEEN A WHILE!!!  It's been a while since i've been to my blog to write anything with very good reason i've been suffering from february-itis as the ladies on bql call it.
So i haven't really had much to report as i haven't really done much shame on me un-like some of you bloggers who i must say are extremely productive.
I do intend to do alot more this month,one which i have already started is a quilt top that i have been piecing for the last 7 years! Yes you heard right and not even that complicated a quilt top just something that i started then decided i didn't like the colours of and now have decided that when hamish my youngest child is ill and i sleep downstairs with him it would be handy for me to have a nice light weight quilt to sleep under.
So i have picked up the offending quilt top to finish piecing i shall machine quilt the whole quilt as i need the practice before i attack alice's quilt with the sewing machine.

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