Sunday, 17 April 2011

Creative mojo!

Sorry it's been a while,but . . . . . . . . I have just the worst bit of new's!It would appear I have lost my creative mojo,I'm going through the creative dolldrum's!Arrrrgh!!What am I going to do I just have no inspiration and no idea what to make??I've never ever had this problem before!!And I just don't know how to get it back?Soo I'm looking to all of you my creative and crafty friends for some inspiration . . . . . . .all suggestion's will be greatfully recieved.Sorry for the short post and lack of photograph's.I am just hoping that normal service will be resumed very soon ;-) xx


  1. Sorry to hear this Georgie:( I suggest you go trawling through Flickr and look at everyone else's favourites or my newest inspiration 'go to' is 'Pinterest'. You can look at my inspiration boards here for a start. Hope this helps you out somehow!

  2. Oh dear that's terrible!
    I am not sure what I can suggest to help, maybe just give yourself permission to have a break and enjoy the spring weather. Or perhaps you could go looking for it! Hunt out some magazines, or leave a couple of projects out to help stimulate creativity, reacquaint yourself with your stash.
    Or maybe join a swap and then you have to do something.
    Does that help at all?
    Take Care

  3. Oh no! Pennants for the Olympics? Bunting to keep the birds off the veggies? Another bag ;) Or just kick back and relax, you'll get inspired again when you're ready.